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The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy institute specialising in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy

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Brainstorming XXX

In May 2019 we will be holding our annual Brainstorming event.

Amongst other topics the issues dicussed at the meeting will cover:

• Storm Clouds Brewing for the Global Economy?
• Geo-Politics of Energy: Chaos theory tests oil’s resilience
• Oil Market Dynamics: Back to Square one?
• Crude oil pricing systems in flux
• Dynamics of Gas Markets
• Climate Change, Technology and the Electricity Sector

We aim to bring together thirty participants from energy companies, financial institutions, governments and international organisations for a wide-ranging discussion on topical energy issues.


OIES Electricity Day

In June 2019 we will be holding our third annual Electricity Day.

This year's theme is 'An Integrated Energy Systems Approach to Decarbonization Policy: Is it the Way Forward?' covered over three sessions:TAHARI BY ASL NEW White Women's Size 4P Petite Ruffle Skirt Suit Set -

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I. What benefits, if any, can ‘integrated’ or ‘whole energy system’ thinking bring to our approach to particular energy issues, such as the decarbonization of difficult sectors such as heat?

II. What roles do different modes of storage and different technologies play in realising an integrated, whole system approach to decarbonization?

III. What are the key policy and commercial challenges of an integrated energy systems approach?

For more information about our electricity programme please click here.